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Uke And The Night And The Music CD After 15 years of doin' it as a working NYC trombone player, I've finally recorded my first CD—of songs on the ukulele. Go figure. That being said, I'm pretty happy with it, and I think it's a fine sounding recording. I'm joined by Doug Largent on bass and Andy Burns on drums, who I've played with for years. I sing some gems from the good ol' "American Songbook" and also some newer tunes from the pen of J.C. Hopkins and yours truly. The CD was recorded "live" (with one trombone overdub on one song) in my studio, and is available (in the US) for a very reasonable $12.

The CD comes in 100% recycled packaging, and is hand stamped and assembled by yours truly. Each one is completely unique. If you'd like to hear some tracks from it, check out my MySpace page. The first three songs on the playlist are from this recording.

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CD - Uke And The Night And The Music

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Another wonderfully useless detail about this recording... I'm making it available on cassette! Why cassette? Well... I have them, for one thing.... and for another thing, to get a little geeky on you, these cassettes are actually higher fidelity than the CDs. I went direct to analog tape from 24bit 96K digital masters. CDs, while purely digital, are only 16bit 44.1K. Not only is cassette a higher fidelity option, it's a DIRT CHEEEEP option, as they're only $7 (in the US.) Wow. Finally, something fresh and new to put into that old walkman you picked up on ebay! These special edition cassettes are only available while supplies last.

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CASSETTE - Uke And The Night And The Music

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These items are available worldwide to you online via PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account to purchase it. Most credit cards accepted. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, as I assemble this all myself. Honestly, it shouldn't take that long to deliver the goods. However, if I'm out on the road, or out of town, it may take that full 3 weeks to get you the stuff. You can always look at my schedule to see if I'm out of town. If I don't seem to be movin' too fast on your order, and you can tell I'm in town, feel free to email me and give me hell. I'll hop to it, I will!